Mindset & Soul  



Awaken your own

  'Intuitive Soul Magic' 


Are You feeling called to:


Increase Your Spiritual



Strengthen Your Self Belief?


Keep your Emotional bucket topped up and balanced ?

Communicate assertively ? 

Feel more confident?

Would you like to be able to: 

Let go of guilt when it comes

to doing things for yourself ?

To stop staying Yes when you

really want and need to say No? 

To strengthen your ability to

manage challenges like: 


Stress, Anxiety, Depression,

Emotional overwhelm!

Receive compassionate confidential 

Counselling & Healing 

from the pain of

Grief  & Loss, Sadness, Anger,

Betrayal, Trauma,  Abuse, or 


To uncover and clear negative ancestral subconscious, or past life beliefs which can leave you feeling

worthless, or stuck in

Hopelessness !

 To shift that sinking feeling and silence the negative voice of the inner critic that constantly tells you that you will never be quite good enough,  or worthy enough ! 


If you would like help to shift any of these untrue beliefs then why wait.


Visit Glo's 

Services Page Here

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A truly Warm Welcome 

to Our



Angel Intuitive Wellbeing Space 

 Angel Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Card Readings


Glo has been a regular stall holder at various Mind Body Spirit Fairs throughout Auckland and Northland for over 12 years as an energy healer,  clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic. 


Glo connects  through the healing modalities of Angel Intuitive Therapy and is a fully trained Independent Certified ThetaHealer® at ThetaHealing.com

ThetaHealing is focused thought & prayer for healing and transformation through the energy of

Unconditional Love and Compassion. 

This  is a completely non-denominational

Faith based Healing modality

which can be helpful to any person of any Faith .

Glo and the Angels offer

Intuitive Counselling,  Readings, Soul Coaching, 

Oracle and Tarot Card readings, and more. 

Intuitive Counselling & Coaching 


Glo brings her natural Intuitive gifts into every consultation.    

Intuitive Spiritual,  Emotional & Mindful Healing

Having walked on her own healing journey  Glo comfortably connects as a wounded healer, bringing a natural sense of empathy and rapport' to her practice along with psychic awareness, clairvoyance, clairsentience and more.

Initially Glo was working as an experienced intuitive pastoral  counsellor, social worker- parent coach and educator, before the Angels intervened and Glo found herself called  to train and work as a  ThetaHealer &  Spiritual Life Coach. 

Glo has helped hundreds of both individuals and families over the past 30 years, and  you can be assured of a professional,  confidential and respectful consultation when you choose to connect to any of her  services. 

Contact Glo for a 1 to 1 appointment for counselling, healing, or coaching, 




 Distance healings and Readings via email using Tarot or Oracle Cards are also available.


Email glo at glo@celestialconsulting.net.nz 

 to request this 


Limited Face to face Appointments are  available 

in Wellsford by arrangement.   

Glo Ramsay - Change Catalyst : Self-Published Author

ThetaHealer: Angel Intuitive: Angel Therapist

Intuitive Counsellor / Spiritual Life Coach  

Parent Coach: Workshop Facilitator:

Contact Glo by phone or text -  mobile  +64 / 0273638833

Or  email: glo@celestialconsulting.net.nz









Let us help you to embrace your own 

Intuitive Soul Magic and your Heart's Inner Wisdom to

Co- Create the future Your Soul is Longing For ! 

Angel Blessings, Love & Light 



                                                         Glo & Your Angels

Holding Hands

As a ThetaHealer Glo can assist  and witness as you
uncover any deeply buried 
negative  subconscious beliefs  that may influence the way you  think and  feel about yourself 

To call on Creator to transform these for you so you can create a positive future and
live a life that
you absolutely Love !

Creator is always  the Healer !
Glo is the conduit and the witness to the healing changes that take place.  

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  Never ever doubt your true worth or put yourself      down! 
" You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. 
This is how important you are ! "

                                                                     -  Eckhart Tolle
                                                                Author of " The Power of Now" 


“I first went to see Glo because I was struggling with anger.  I had lost two significant people in my life and part of that grief process left anger. 

Glo is incredibly intuitive.  She picks up on exactly what you need, and after that one session I felt a lot better.

I have sent my sons, father and sister to see her and they have all found her to have made a difference to their life. ”  

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"Glo, you truly transformed my life and I am so grateful."  


"Glo's help was incredible!  I am still feel amazing days later"


"I’m so Happy!  I feel so much lighter.  Like a huge weight has been lifted !"



"I'm so glad I came to your Parenting course.

It has helped my relationship with my daughter and with my husband. 

They are both now getting a much better version of me. I totally  recommend you to other parents because my child deserved the best version of me  and thanks to you she now has that! 


Thank you ! " Laura D. 

"The feeling of peace and calm was beautiful. 

I felt an openness and enlightenment I don’t recall experiencing before."   




By email - mobile or Text 




Email:  glo@celestialconsulting.net.nz  

Mobile +64 273638833

1 to 1 Personal appointments


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